PKIT Dependencies

Linux based on Debian


Use PKIT on Debian (-based-) systems only. We had lot of issues with SuSE or SLES. Check that all packets are up to date.

Please understand that we will not support any requests if your openssl version is below 1.1.0.
Test your version with the command:

openssl version

Installation with git

Install git client

apt-get install git


  • dos2unix, zip/unzip, tree, openssl (version >1.0)
  • all packets and distro up-to-date

Clone the PKIT master branch

  1. clone the master
git clone

Download PKIT2 from our server directly

Please write us a mail first, in order to get the access code.

Set x flag

chmod u+x

Launch the PKIT


Manual Installation

Download pkitool from git website:

  1. Click “Download ZIP”
  2. Copy the file to your Linux system
  3. unzip the pkitool archive
  4. chmod u+x
  5. start tool wth ./